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The Nice Price is a podcast about new and reissued records presented by Nice Price Books & Records, an independent record store in Raleigh, North Carolina. Employees and friends of the store gather at the round table of "Dabbey Road Studio" to discuss different releases each week and play songs from the records discussed.

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    TNP #43: Return of the Rat

    WE'RE BACK. This was recorded awhile ago...but it's something! Enoch, Matt Phone, and Alli B are joined by special guest BDC to talk new(ish) Public Acid, Beak>, Deaf Wish, and Vulgar Boatmen.

    SONGS HEARD (in order of appearance) Dwight Yoakam - Honkey Tonk Man Deaf Wish - The Rat is Back Vulgar Boatmen - I'm Not Stuck on You Beak> - Brean Down Public Acid - Easy Weapons

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    TNP #41: Hopscotch 2018

    Our guide to Hopscotch ft. Dave Sphincter. Enoch questions the lineage of time.

    SONGS HEARD Night Shop - "The One I Love" Patois Counselers - "Last Heat" Hailu Mergia - "Shilela"

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    TNP #40: Lemon Jail

    Bill Sullivan joins Enoch, Matt Phone, and special guest Mark Connor to discuss his new book Lemon Jail: On the Road with the Replacements.

    Maybe an exclusey or two!

    If you like what you hear you can pick up a copy of the Actual Book at Cup a Joe or Nice Price Books & Records in Raleigh, NC.

    Also go to Slims.

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    TNP #39: Are you a dancing queen?

    Special guest Dave Sphincter of The Village Subway joins us to talk Wimps, Palberta, Ty Segall & White Fence.

    Songs heard: Palberta - I Have Found the Ego Wimps - Mope Around

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    TNP #38: Quarters for the Pool Table

    Dabbey Road All Stars bring you ANOTHER fresh tune about a fav local business. Learn about its creation with special guests Kev, John K, and Natty P.

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    TNP #37 pt 1: Fright Nighter

    Scariest friends of the pod Devon Tuttle and Dillon Myrick join us to talk about July 15th's FRIGHT NIGHTER - a mid summer Halloween party:

    SPOILER ALERT: A very spoiled discussion of Hereditary takes place in this episode.

    Albums discussed Cienfuegos - Autogolpe Gene Clark - On Her Own

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